Jupiter Group and Babybel launch snack pack


Jupiter Group and Babybel have announced the launch of their new snack pack.  

The partnership, which features Babybel light cheese, apple and grapes, will be available in 75g packs from Tesco stores.  

The collaboration aims to target health-conscious customers with its new snacking release.  

Each pack accounts for 73 calories, as well as being lactose-free and made from reduced fat cheese.  

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“We are excited that Jupiter were keen to work with Babybel to bring Babybel light cheese, apple and grapes to the market,” Bel marketing development manager Jennie Dettmer said.  

“This launch is set to drive incremental sales by catering to consumers’ interest in healthy snacks.” 

Jupiter chief executive Mark Tweddle added: “We’re really pleased to add value into the market with this new healthy food-to-go option.  

“It’s exciting for Jupiter Group to be in partnership with the renowned and iconic, red wax sealed cheese snack.” 



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