‘How do bosses sleep at night’: Fox’s Glacier Mint strike continues over pay and conditions

Employees at Fox’s Glacier Mint factory in York, have entered a third day of strike action in protest at their terms of pay and and “attacks” to terms and conditions.

Workers at the Valeo Factory in York – which also produce Poppets and Mint Humbugs -claim they have been left with no choice but to leave their production lines for two hours each day, despite the cost-of-living crisis – and rampant inflation – bosses have offered below inflation pay rise.

According to trade union, GMB, the lowest paid workers are also excluded from a one-off payment, while others are set to lose two days holiday a year.

“It was nerve-racking walking out the first time to take industrial action, but what choice did we have?,” a striking Valeo worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

“Many of my friends at Valeo have kids to feed and clothe and it’s just getting harder and harder for them with the cost of living the way it is.”

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They added that some employees going without so they can provide for their kids, “I don’t know how Valeo bosses sleep at night.”

They pleaded. “All we want is a decent rate of pay that we can live on – and respect from management,” It’s not too much to ask for.”

GMB organiser for Valeo York, Katherine Mitchell, added: “These are low paid workers, who work in hard and difficult conditions to produce sweets for various supermarkets and suppliers, including M&S.

“All they want is a decent day’s pay for doing it. They’ve taken the step to walk out mid-shift, which is an historic and very brave thing to do, bearing in mind the bullying and intimidation that they have had to endure. We call on Valeo to get back round the table, re-open talks and do the right thing by its workforce.”

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  • ChristineAnn
    March 25, 2022 4:24 pm

    Sending support to the workers – you deserve decent pay and safe working conditions ! And the threat of taking away holiday entitlement is shocking . Wishing you all well . Be strong !


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