Hellmann’s launches Smart Jar campaign to tackle food waste

Hellmann’s has launched a specially designed jar of mayonnaise that tells consumers when their fridge is at the right temperature.

Created with Ogilvy UK, the new ‘Smart Jar’ looks to raise awareness and reduce food waste on a national level.

This comes as a recent study found that millions of fridges in UK homes are running too warm, causing some foods to spoil up to three days faster than if they were chilled to below 5°C.

Crafted by illustator, Ellen Porteus, the design reveals hidden illustrations and messages when placed in a fridge that is set below 5°C, by using thermochromic ink.

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A nationwide muti-channel campaign will support the pilot jar, with influencers across TikTok and Instagram using the product and sparking conversation among Hellmann’s target demographic.

“At Hellmann’s we’re constantly looking to help consumers reduce food waste and save money and think Smart Jar is an innovative way to get people talking about – and solving – this massive problem,” Hellmann’s senior marketing manager, Rachel Chambers said.

Unilever, Ogilvy global ECD, Dan Fisher said: “Food waste is a serious issue is but these Smart Jars are a fun way of educating people how they can easily combat it. It’s taken us over a year to get the technology right but the end result is more than worth it.”

This also comes as part of the brand’s Make Taste Not Waste positioning that launched in 2021, and has since seen more than 200 million people making the most of their leftovers.

Wrap director of collaboration and change, Catherine David added: “Every year more than 4.5 million tonnes of perfectly good food goes to waste in our homes, which could have been eaten. This costs the average family upwards of £700 a year – money none of us can afford to waste.

She said that a key trigger for this is incorrect storage, adding “getting the fridge temperature right can help food stays fresher for longer.

“We need innovations like this pilot jar to help us make simple changes in our lives that will pay dividends. Food Waste Action Week is the perfect time to launch this brilliant trial.”



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