Highland Spring recalls exploding bottles


Highland Spring has issued a product recall after several of its glass bottles have unexpectedly exploded.  

The drinks manufacturer’s 750ml Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water glass bottles have been identified as faulty, following several reports that the product exploded without warning.  

The company is recalling batches with the use by dates May 2023A 1137, May 2023A 1138, May 2023A 1139, June 2023A 1172, June 2023A 1173, July 2023A 1201 and July 2023A 1202.  

The drinks producer has released a warning asking customers not to consume its product or return it, with customers being asked to dispose of the bottles carefully.  

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The Food Standards Agency has also issued a recall notice with an alert on its site alongside the Highland Spring’s release. 

The bottles have been available for purchase since May and the company estimated up to 30,000 are already in circulation. 

“Three consumers have contacted us reporting that a Highland Spring sparkling 750ml glass bottle product has ‘exploded’, with one consumer suffering a minor cut,” a Highland Springs spokesperson said.  

“We are working closely with the local EHO, and as a precaution have recalled this product to investigate and carry out further testing.”  

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