Searches for vodka brands soar by almost 500% during Russia-Ukraine war

Online searches for vodka brands have risen by 490.83% in the month since Russia invaded Ukraine, highlighting that UK consumers are politically informed in their purchases.

The analysis was carried out by online search expert MediaVision, revealing searches for “Russian Standard vodka” rose by 412.85% as the brand appeared on the UK boycott list.

Searches for “Stolichnaya vodka” and its rebrand “Stoli” to distance itself from Russia, soared by 117.48% and 90.45%, respectively.

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Additionally, searches for popular brand “Smirnoff vodka” owned by British company Diageo, have increased by 177.74%.

Meanwhile, Swedish brand “Absolut vodka” also rose by 16.35% and “Polish vodka” have increased by 86.41% since Russia invaded Ukraine.

MediaVision also revealed overall decline in vodka as searches for “vodka cocktails” decreased by 59.75%.

Correlations of Ukrainian support has also been spotted with searched for “sunflowers”, its national flower, rising by 19.10% over the past three weeks.

“The data suggests that vodka is still a popular drink amongst UK consumers, but they want to be seen as doing the right thing while also enjoying their favourite tipple,” MediaVision CEO Louis Venter said.

“This will benefit the non-Russian vodka brands, and it will be interesting to see if this is a long-term trend or a flash in the pan moment driven by emotion.”


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