#BoycottCocaCola trends as customers slam FMCG giant for continuing to operate in Russia


Coca-Cola has come under fire on social media for failing to speak out about the Ukraine attacks and instead continuing to operate in the country.

The move follows many retailers revealing they would be removing Russian products from their shelves to show solidarity towards Ukraine and just days after the FMCG giant revealed its Hellenic Bottling Company has temporarily stopped production at its Kyiv factory and evacuated employees following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As a result of Coca-Cola’s decision to continue trading in Russia has caused many angry customers taking to social media, including Dragons Den star Deborah Meaden, who pleaded: “Can you stop drinking Coca Cola please. They are refusing to withdraw from Russia. Let’s show them some people power.”

However, Meaden is not alone in her decision as the past few days saw #BoycottCoca-Cola trending on Twitter. A user tweeted: “Coca Cola appears to have decided its profits are more important than the lives of Ukrainians.”

One user said that they would not be buying “any of the company’s products until they halt operations in Russia and stop supporting Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine.” Another added that it is “no surprise” Coca Cola “don’t act on any human values.”

However,  Minerva Analysis director, Kathleen Brooks told the BBC’s Today programme that Coca Cola had an “incredibly complicated structure” with bottling plants in Russia.

She said: “I don’t think it’s as simple as saying can you just pull out of Russia.These are complicated businesses and there’s a lot to consider, but right now the reputation risk could really hit their share prices so they may have no choice going forward.”

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