Aldi launches new vegan favourites wine pack

Aldi has launched a new vegan favourites wine pack which includes six of Aldi’s most popular premium plant-based wines to cater for the growing number of plant-based shoppers.

The retailer’s selection includes a mixture of red, white and rosé wines, all free from animal products.

“As the UK’s appetite and interest in plant-based food grows, we’re continuing to expand our vegan offering, giving our shoppers plenty of choices and all at a great value,” said Aldi UK’s managing director of buying, Julie Ashfield.

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“It’s a trend that we’re witnessing year-round and, as more and more people adopt this diet, we expect these products to remain popular throughout the year.”

Sales of Aldi’s plant-based products increased by 500% year-on-year during January 2022, largely thanks to the success of Veganuary.

The grocer expanded its vegan alternatives by more than 50% due to increased consumer demand.

The plant-based sector has seen a massive uplift over the last few years. The parent company of Richmond and Fridge Raider, Pilgrim’s Food Masters, has forecasted the plant-based category to be worth £998 million by 2026.

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