Real Olive Company launches UK’s first chilled tapenade selection

The Real Olive Company has launched what it claims is the first chilled tapenade selection to hit UK supermarkets. 

Its Organic Kalamata Olive Tapenade and Organic Smokey Harissa Tapenade is available at retailers across the country.   

The products are plant-based, gluten-free and vegan, and distributed in recyclable packaging.  

They apparently received an 88 per cent approval rate from test participants, who agreed that they would buy the tapenades from stores.  

The company hopes to grow its presence within national retailers, particularly at Sainsbury’s, where it aims to double its existing footprint.  

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The move comes alongside the launch of the producer’s crowdfunding round, in which it aims to raise a minimum investment of £200,000 to scale up the business for international growth.  

It will reportedly use the funds to kickstart new product development, with a focus on vegan options, alongside staff recruitment with expertise in digital marketing and retail. 

The money will also assist the development of its e-commerce position.  

“The new product range … is an important step forward in our progression as a mission-driven business which will connect more consumers to our ‘love life, eat real’ ethos,” co-founder Karin Anderson said. 

“This provides an ideal platform for us to grow the business on a wider scale going forward, targeting sustainability-focused customers across the world. 

“We aim to grow our presence across the UK on the back of these latest product offerings, including within Sainsbury’s where we hope to double our existing footprint in the year ahead.” 

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