Nestlé launches new Combos range


Nestlé has announced the launch of its new Combos range, featuring the brand’s popular Aero, Rolo and Milkybar confectionary staples.  

The treat packs are currently available from Asda and retail for £2.50, with a wider rollout across UK stores expected to arrive in August. 

The company has developed the range to “deliver a unique mix of tastes and textures”, with each bag featuring smooth, chewy and crunchy selections.  

The Aero Combos includes Aero bubbles, toffee popcorn and dark chocolate malt balls. 

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Alongside, the Rolo Combos features Rolos chocolates, toffee popcorn and fudge bites and the Milkybar Combos features Milkybar pieces, toffee popcorn and milk chocolate digestive balls 

All three collections are available in sharing bags of 120 for the Aero range, 125g for the Rolo and 110g for the Milkybar selection.  

“Our new sharing range is all about offering consumers a deliciously different sweet snacking experience,” Nestlé brand manager Cat Mews said. 

“We have taken three of our most popular confectionary brands and elevated them to the next level.” 



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