Nestlé launches Mezeast range


Nestlé has announced the launch of its new Mezeast range.  

The new range features 11 products, including meal kits, packets of mixed seasoning, sauces, spreads and pastes to assemble Levantine-inspired dishes at home.  

The range will be available at Tesco from June 28, featuring meals including shawarama, falafels and kofta, along with additions such as pomegranate sauce and harissa spice.  

The selection has been curated by Middle Eastern chefs with ingredients sourced from the region to create “authentic, simple meals that bring family and friends together.” 

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“Life is better when shared and we are really excited to introduce Mezeast inspired by the Middle Eastern cuisine which is all about sharing and generosity,” Nestlé UK and Ireland managing director for food and dairy Honza Dusanek said.  

“This unique cuisine is rooted in the belief that a meal is much more than just food; it is a special moment of togetherness and meaningful connections. 

“We know that this food culture is loved by so many people and we want to make it available to families everywhere. 

“The development of Mezeast has been a true journey – a path of discovery and learning about all the unique ingredients and flavours and we can’t wait to share this passion.”  

This release is the company’s second this month after its launch of Wunda, Nestlé’s bid to break into the dairy-alternative market. 



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