Waitrose appoints Emma Issac as marketing head

Waitrose has appointed Emma Issac as its new head of brand marketing and marketing planning.

Issac started her career at British Airways, and has since held senior positions at T-Mobile, Barclays and NatWest, where she held the position of brand marketing director.

In her new position, she will oversee the brands marketing and seek further ways to unify the Waitrose and John Lewis brand.

She is an active member of Women in Advertising & Communications Leadership.

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Prior to Issac’s appointment, James Morrison acted as interim head of brand marketing and marketing planning.

“Emma brings a wealth of experience from well known brands and we are thrilled she is joining us at a really pivotal moment for our brand,” Waitrose customer director Martin George said.

Isaac added: “Waitrose is a brand which I’ve long admired as a customer and as a marketer.

“It’s a real privilege to be joining the team to continue to build customers’ love for the Waitrose brand as well as help deliver the broader Partnership Plan”.

The news follows, Waitrose announcing it will no longer sell children’s magazines containing plastic disposable toys in its latest move to tackle pollution and single-use plastic waste.

The grocery chain said many children’s magazines contained free plastic toys which had a very short lifespan and cannot easily be recycled – even though many of the youngsters they are aimed at care about the planet and pollution.



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