Morrisons signs new deal to ramp up seaweed cattle feed

Morrisons has partnered with environmental technology company Sea Forest to fast-track the process of feeding its cattle seaweed-based livestock feed in a bid to help reduce carbon production from beef products.

Sea Forest will now work with the supermarket’s manufacturing arm, Myton Food Groups, to supply methane-abating livestock feed, to ramp up its introduction of lower-carbon beef products.

If approval for the process is successful, customers are due to see products, such as mince, burgers, steaks and joints, available in Morrisons in 2026.

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The project – which Sea Forest says has already shown success from other partnerships where cattle produced 67% less methane – comes amid Morrisons’ wider ambition to achieve net zero agriculture emissions from its directly supplied farms by 2030.

Morrisons Myton Food Group technical and sustainability director Sophie Throup said: “As British farming’s biggest direct customer, we are well placed to support the farmers we work with and help them farm more sustainably. This partnership  supports our ambition to have net zero agriculture emissions by 2030.

“Having our own livestock experts with direct relationships with farmers enables us to make changes quickly, meaning that once our trial is complete and we have approvals in place, we can develop our lower carbon beef products and help support the drive to lower emissions from cattle.”



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