Morrisons launches Sustainable Farm Network to support net zero farming

Morrisons has launched a new Sustainable Farm Network to support its suppliers in achieving sustainable, net zero farming.

Delivered alongside Harper Adams University’s School of Sustainable Food and Farming, the programme will work with farmers to develop the practices they need to make the changes, Farmers Guardian reported.

In its first year, more than 70 farmers across Morrisons supply chain will join the network, which will provide expert advice and skills and ensure farmers have access to the latest insights.

Each farmer joining the programme will be asked about their knowledge of six key themes including their soil, water and animal health and welfare, their markets and motivations, and environment factors including greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity.

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According to Harper Adams University, the grocer will also launch a new incentives programme for farmers working towards net zero sustainable farming, which will include Morrisons shopping vouchers for achieving different milestones on the programme.

Morrisons technical and sustainability director Sophie Throup said: “Farmers across our supply chain are already doing a lot of great work in driving forward more sustainable practices.

“By launching the Morrisons Sustainable Farm Network, we’re hoping to link them up to industry specialists, academic expertise and crucially, other farmers.

“Participating farms will be leading examples of the ways in which we can hone our practices as we transition towards a more sustainable future – not only for other suppliers in the Morrisons supply chain, but also for our food and farming sector as a whole.”

Last summer, Morrisons partnered with leader in land management solutions Downforce Technologies to model soil health and calculate new emissions across five pilot farms.

The process, which saw the retailer receiving insights to optimise sustainable farming practices, looked to help reach its target of becoming the first UK supermarket to be directly supplied by net zero carbon British farms by 2030.



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