Asda links Blue Light Card 10% discount with Asda Rewards app

Asda is linking the 10% off Blue Light Card discount for emergency workers with its online loyalty programme, Asda Rewards.

From 4 May, Blue Light Card holders will receive 10% of the amount of their shopping back into their Asda Rewards Cashpot simply by scanning their Asda Rewards app at the checkout, rather than presenting their Blue Light Card and ID, as was previously the case.

Blue Light Card holders who scan their Rewards app in-store for the first time between 4 and 31 May, will also receive a £2.50 bonus in their Cashpots, deposited in June.

Blue Light Card members have already saved £128 million when shopping at the supermarket since last May.

“The Blue Light community do a fantastic job at keeping us all safe, healthy, and supported, so we’re happy to be able to offer them exclusive offers through our popular Asda Rewards app,” said Asda senior director for loyalty, Mark Baxter.

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“As well as benefiting from everyday low prices, Asda Rewards users earn pounds through the app, and by building their Cashpot, are rewarded for simply shopping with us.”

Blue Light Card CEO Tom Dalby said he was “really proud” of the partnership, adding that the the continuation of the partnership will “support millions of blue light workers across the country”.

“I hope the extension of the 10% discount plus the added benefits of using the Rewards app, will continue to help families and individuals across the UK during the cost-of-living crisis.”

Blue Light Card is a nationally recognised scheme which provides workers in the NHS, emergency services, social care sector and the armed forces with a range of discounts.

Initially due to come to an end at the end of December last year, Asda has extended the scheme – which was first introduced in December 2021 – to acknowledge the amazing work NHS and emergency workers do each day to keep everyone safe.



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  • How are the cards linked?

  • Debbie Wood
    May 3, 2023 3:07 pm

    How will I know the blue light is linked to asda reward

  • How do I add my blue light details to the rewards app? There is no option?

    • If you go into your rewards app, there is a bit that mentions linking your blue light card. Click on it and enter your card number and surname and it links it.

  • Chief Inspector Dibble
    May 3, 2023 3:31 pm

    Brilliant! It’s about time the Police were recognised for the work they do. As usual it’s a Nurse used to promote the scheme but the Police are equally vital. People bemoan the fuzz because of a few bad apples and because the police tell them off but try living in a world without them… unlike the good old NHS and Trumpton, the Police (like the Army) aren’t allowed to strike. They can’t take to the streets to demand more nurses (and a big pay rise) and more facilities (and a big pay rise) and they also can’t refuse to work every other November, until they get a pay rise… surprisingly enough, the police don’t get paid as much as the other emergency services, and they’ve had a 5yr pay freeze, while the angels at the NHS have had a rise each year.
    Asda have extended this to include ALL of the emergency services, for once. Hooray!

  • Pauline Wheatley
    May 3, 2023 6:26 pm

    Thank you asda for continuing with the blue light card. I’m having trouble with merging them

  • How do I link blue light card to asda awards card

  • Susan Burrell
    May 3, 2023 9:13 pm

    Thankyou Asda you are a godsend to the NHS for all you have done to help the emergency services not just through Covid but to still continue to help those who have worked through hardships to keep everything going once again i thankyou for all your help

  • All Asda staff get colleague discount.
    All Pharmacy staff are blue light workers.
    Asda Pharmacy staff are only allowed to use one or the other…
    Fair or not?

    • It’s fair someone in the pharmacy only gets 10% it’s the same rule applied to if your nominated colleague discount card holder works for the NHS the are also only allowed to either use there blue light card or colleague discount card

  • Does anyone know how to unlink the blue light card of the asda reward app


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