Morrisons and Asda scrap plant-based sandwiches

Morrisons and Asda have dropped their plant-based sandwich options entirely, a new survey has revealed.

In the recent survey by Eating Better, it found that the Big 4 grocers have removed their plant-based sandwiches, since its last sandwich survey three years ago.

Supermarket rival Tesco has also reduced its plant-based sandwich offer by 28% on 2019 figures.

The study also found that on average, plant-based options are the most expensive sandwich types, making the most sustainable option less accessible, and particularly so in a cost of living crisis.

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This comes as Sainsbury’s plant-based offering is 15% more expensive than its meat alternatives.

The survey also revealed the UK’s supermarket sandwich sector is “still too meaty” despite the rise in meat-free alternatives,

This is evident as the research found 84% of sandwiches contained meat, fish or cheese, a drop of only 1% on Eating Better’s last sandwich survey three years ago.

However, over 50% of sandwiches, with high salt or high fat levels, contain meat.

“Eating Better’s sandwich survey highlights the need for reformulation of convenience foods to contain less meat and more veg to improve outcomes for our health and the environment,” Food Foundation executive director Anna Taylor said.

“The lack of affordability of plant-based options is a serious barrier to people transitioning to healthy and more sustainable diets. If people are going to reduce their meat consumption, alternative options need to be the most convenient and affordable for everyone.”

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