Mars launches first-ever ‘healthy’ HFSS-compliant chocolate bar

Mars Wrigley has launched ‘Triple Treat’, the confectionary giant’s first ever ‘healthy’ chocolate bar that complies with HFSS regulations.

The fibrous, low sugar and lower calorie snack comes in four variations – Snickers, Mars, Galaxy and Bounty – offering healthier variants of some of the UK’s favourite indulgent chocolate bars.

The Triple Treat option contains 75% fruit and nuts, making it exempt from the upcoming HFSS restrictions which limit where products can be placed instore, in a bid to reduce obesity in the UK.

To ensure Britons with a sweet tooth aren’t disappointed, the bars are made using date paste, raisins and peanuts. They also include a “hearty dose of Mars Wrigley’s iconic chocolate blend” and are also dipped and drizzled in milk chocolate.

The launch comes just days after the government announced the delay on banning promotional deals across HFSS foods and drinks, marking a major U-turn in its anti-obesity strategy.

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Restrictions banning adverts for junk food on television before 9pm and paid-for adverts online will also be delayed by a year.

However, restrictions on where HFSS products can be promoted instore will come into force in October 2022 as planned. This means that HFSS items – such as classic Mars bars – will no longer be placed in high-profile locations such as checkouts, store entrances and the ends of supermarket aisles.

“Triple Treat does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s packed with a knockout trio of fruit, nuts and out iconic chocolate, and is delightfully delicious to boot,” said Mars Wrigley UK marketing director Kerry Cavanaugh.

“At Mars Wrigley, we’re thrilled that Brits can now enjoy a great tasting – and HFSS compliant – Galaxy, Mars, Snickers and Bounty treat. It’s tasty reinvented!”

The Triple Treats RRP at 80p a bar, and will be available in Tesco nationwide from the beginning of June. The HFSS compliant bar is also available in a multipack format for £2.

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  • Mr b.Teasdale
    May 21, 2022 8:39 am

    What is HFSS?

  • Christian Jackson
    June 5, 2023 8:28 pm

    I fell for the marketing on the packet. Looked yummy……never been so disappointed! Tasteless, textureless mush. I then looked up what it actually was…it may be HFSS compliant……but there are way better alternatives out there.
    Mars, good idea poorly executed.


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