60% of Nestlé products marked ‘unhealthy’, leak reveals


Over 60 per cent of Nestlé products are unhealthy despite recent attempts to expand its range of nutritious brands, a leaked executive presentation has warned.

According to the Financial Times, the multinational’s portfolio “underperforms against external definitions of health in a landscape where regulatory pressure and consumer demands are skyrocketing”.

By revenue, just 37 per cent of Nestlé food and drinks achieved a 3.5 Australian health star rating, the minimum standard for healthy food accepted by international bodies.

Just one per cent of the company’s confectionery and ice cream met the threshold.

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Its orange San Pellegrino drink received the worst rating possible for having 7.1g of sugar per 100ml.

Hot Pockets pepperoni pizza, which is only sold in America, contains almost half of an adult’s recommended daily sodium.

“We believe that a healthy diet means finding a balance between wellbeing and enjoyment,” a Nestlé spokesman said.

“This includes having some space for indulgent foods, consumed in moderation.

“Our direction of travel has not changed and is clear: we will continue to make our portfolio tastier and healthier.”

Nestlé claims to have reduced the sugars and sodium in its products by around 15 per cent in the past seven years.

The news comes after the multinational acquired Freshly, a healthy meal delivery service, and brands from vitamins firm The Bountiful Company.



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