Almost 10% more men taking on the Veganuary challenge in 2023

The annual challenge for plant-based concious consumers, Veganuary has come to an end and according to new data, 35% of men were interested in the pledge, compared with 26% of women.

Product intelligence platform Vypr’s latest survey of 65,000 consumers, found that only 28% took part in Veganuary, with 70% indicating they enjoyed meat and dairy too much.

For 15%, cost was a factor, 14% cited that it was too much effort and 13% said their family wasn’t interested in joining.

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Across male and female consumers, 17% of women were more concerned about the cost and effort of a vegan diet, in comparison to 10% of the men surveyed.

However, 33% said they were taking part in order to save money, with 31% wanting to take on a challenge and 23% had always wanted to give Veganuary a go.

Health reasons were also a benefit among 27% of consumers and 20% participated as part of a 2023 detox.

When sourcing food for the challenge, 60% bought products from supermarkets, 25% used a specialist high street store, 23% used a convenience store and 21% used online specialists.

While chicken, cheese, milk, bacon and cream alternatives were among the items most commonly chosen by consumers during Veganuary, 40% said there wasn’t enough choice and struggled to find what they wanted.

“There are many reasons for people to take on the Veganuary challenge, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis. Some will be looking to cut back on their weekly grocery bills, wheras we can also see those who embrace the challenge,” Vypr founder, Ben Davies said.

“However, consumers are clear that taste remains a key priority, and producers must continue product innovation in this category.”



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