Dole Sunshine Company demands Pope Francis promotes healthy diet

Canned fruit supplier Dole Sunshine Company (DSC) has called on Pope Francis in an open letter to “redeem the reputation of the apple” and promote a healthy diet in honour of International Fruit Day.

The promotional stunt aims to spark global dialogue around the importance of fruit for a nutritious diet. Asking for the apple to be represented as ‘the Original ‘Healthy’ Snack’, Dole’s letter was delivered to Pope Francis via La Repubblica, the only newspaper he has stated to read, the company has said.

Alluding to its reputation as the “forbidden fruit” with its part in Original Sin, for Dole Sunshine Company, the apple is now playing an important role as a representative of the benefits of all fruit and its overall global accessibility.

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“We understand that requesting this change is a bold and provocative ask, and we of course mean no disrespect to His Holiness or The Church,” Dole packaged foods and beverages group president Pier Luigi Sigismond said.

“We believe if we can resolve this misrepresentation of fruit, we can start a new global narrative that focuses on its benefits, and creates new, healthier eating habits that are consistent to our purpose to bring good nutrition to all.”

In its letter, DSC argues that despite the apple never specifically being mentioned in the book of Genesis, it has sincefallen victim to cheap pun”. In addressing Pope Francis, the letter reads, “This is a travesty of justice, that only you have the power, wisdom and authority to finally rectify.”

DSC argues that fruit itself can be the hero and that this change in conversation around healthy eating can be a driver for better nutrition globally.

The global fruit provider ended their plea, saying: “For all these reasons and more, we humbly ask for the absolution that only you can offer. A tiny change that can change the world.”

“Would you consider amending the Bible? Just a tiny word. Replacing ‘fruit’ for any other unhealthy food, for instance? Just an idea. If that request sounds a bit too ambitious, no worries. We get it. Maybe then a message of support would go a long way to restoring the world’s faith in our beloved fruits.”

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