In Pictures: Birds Eye turns farmland to wildflowers for ‘Peas For Bees’ campaign

Birds Eye has turned farmland to wildflowers for its ‘Peas For Bees’ campaign, which aims to highlight the importance of supporting biodiversity for the future of the planet.

The frozen foods brand has donated a large area of one of its pea farms in North Yorkshire to a British native wildflower sculpture, providing a food source to bees and butterflies.

In encouraging the nation to support the campaign which celebrates their pea and petits pois ranges, Birds Eye has gifted 5,000 seed boxes to schools near its pea fields in Hull, through the conservation charity, Rooted in Hull.

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“We are committed to playing our part in helping solve the biodiversity crisis,” Birds Eye head of agriculture operations James Hopwood said.

“40% of raw materials used by Birds Eye, annually, are now vegetables and potatoes: by constantly creating and improving sustainable and resilient agricultural systems and by continuing to work alongside the farming community who we source these from, we can actually bring back diversity, replenish soil and landscapes and help recover biodiversity loss.”

“Through the Peas For Bees campaign we aim to educate shoppers on the link between biodiversity and the food chain and hope our donation of seed boxes inspires others to help pollinators like bees and butterflies and help protect biodiversity.”

Grocery Gazette takes a look at Birds Eye’s bloomed butterfly structure:

The campaign encourages the nation to support biodiversity by growing wildflowers, providing habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Birds Eye has pledged to plant 75 acres of wildflowers across the UK in the next three years, celebrating 75 years that the company has been growing peas in North Yorkshire.

The ‘Peas For Bees’ campaign will run across TV, Digital, PR and in-store to educate the nation on the importance of biodiversity.

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