THIS launches £4m crowdfunding campaign to fuel growth

The UK’s fastest-growing plant-based meat brand, This, is preparing for a crowdfunding campaign as it seeks to supercharge its growth.

The campaign on the Seedrs platform will launch at the beginning of June but consumers who pre-register before then will have access to an exclusive 24-hour window to invest.

This – launched in 2019 by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman – is aiming to raise at least £4 million from the round.

Investors will be able to buy into the brand for just £10 to fund innovation, expansion and work towards becoming ‘proper famous’.

This has become the fastest-growing plant-based meat brand, recording a 333% year-on-year net sales growth in 2021.

The company is taking on a global market that is set to be worth £230 billion ($290 billion) by 2035, fueled by a growing consumer appetite for alternatives amid increasing awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat.

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This has another 7 products planned for 2022 as it looks to provide more plant-based products for meat reducers, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.

“The growth we’ve experienced in such a short space of time is ridiculous. We know we wouldn’t be where we are without all the meat-reducers, veggies and vegans loving our food,” This co-founder Andy Shovel said.

“By continuing to build an incredible R&D resource in the company, and keeping up our disruptive and funny marketing, we can eventually force the world’s livestock into retirement.”

Seedrs’ chief investment officer Kirsty Grant added: “The business [This] has the potential to be a driving force in shifting Europe’s eating habits to being more plant-based.

“Such efforts resonate with our investor community who are increasingly more conscious of the impact their investments make.”

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