Asda ditches outdated ‘feminine hygiene’ signage

Asda has changed its store signage from “feminine hygiene” to “period products”, earning a sea of praise on social media for adopting inclusive and non-outdated language.

The Big 4 grocer has been championed for ditching “feminine hygiene” as it implies that menstruation is “dirty” and hygienic.

The move has also been applauded for including those who menstruate that don’t identify as “feminine” or female such as non-binary people and transgender men.

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“I never understood the feminine hygiene name for this section, hygiene suggests cleaning products and this isn’t what pads and tampons do,” a customer said on Twitter.

Another user highlighted that “Period is not a dirty word,” adding, “Let’s stop using sugar-coated language to hide what it actually is – a normal biological function that is night shameful nor gross.”

The menstrual equity group, Bloody Good period and menstruation guide Red Moon Gang both welcomed the new signage.

“This new name/announcement displays an inclusive attitude to gender with periods, which is so important to make sure everybody is able to talk about periods. It also removes the stigma of periods being dirty, or something we need to hide away or not talk about,” Bloody Good Period founder Gabby Edlin said.

“Having very matter of fact period products rather than ‘feminine hygiene’ tells you what it is, with no euphemism to hide behind, and no shame or stigma.

Edlin also highlighted the practicality of the sign stating: “On a practical note, you know what you’re going for in the aisle, so it is a sensible thing to do.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We’re proud to have made this change in our stores to better reflect shoppers’ attitudes around period products.”

Other calls on social media have also asked other retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Boots and Superdrug to follow suit.

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