Simply Green Foods set to launch in 400 Sainsbury’s stores

Vegan supplier, Simply Green Foods is to hit 400 shelves in Sainsbury’s across the country from 22 January.

The plant-based, gluten-free products will be available in the Big 4 grocer and the new partnership will see it join Ocado, Amazon and Booths as retailers stock the brand’s food products.

The launch comes as part of the brand’s plan to make plant-based diets more affordable and accessible.

The new products available include beetroot & chilli and pumpkin & quinoa falafel mixes, as well as Bombay lentil loaf and Mexican bean bake veggie loaves.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for the brand right now as we prepare to have our products stocked on the shelves in Sainsbury’s in a matter of days,” Simply Green Foods UK sales manager Sue Hubber said.

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“All of our products are packed with flavour and our main aim is to ensure that those opting for a plant-based diet, for whatever reason, have just as much variety and choice when it comes to their food as everyone else, and that it’s both accessible and affordable.”

The news comes after event organisers at Veganuary revealed it had exceeded last year’s total sign-ups as more than 600,000 people have pledged to try a plant-based diet.

“As more people become aware of the incredible impact our food choices have on the health of our planet, attitudes towards eating vegan are changing and so are our diets,” Vegnauary’s head of communications Toney Vernelli said.

“Making planet-friendly food choices is also becoming much easier thanks to the businesses embracing Veganuary and providing delicious and accessible plant-based alternatives to familiar foods. Together we are making an enormous difference for animals and the planet.”

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