‘Biggest’ Veganuary to date, organisers reveal

Veganuary has officially exceeded last year’s total sign-ups of 580,000 participants, as more than 600,000 people have pledged to try a plant-based diet, the event organisers have revealed.

As a result, the campaign has credited its success to the hundreds of new plant-based products launched this month including vegan versions of Babybel, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and the Magnum Mini Classic.

According to organisers, the campaign has been given a “huge boost” this year from celebrities, who are encouraging people to sign-up and have shared their favourite vegan recipe.

Additionally, supermarkets have expanded their plant-based ranges to account for the growing number of consumers moving towards a meat/dairy-free diet.

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“It is incredibly exciting to be marking the biggest Veganuary on record with two weeks of January still to go,” Vegnauary’s head of communications Toni Vernelli said.

“As more people become aware of the incredible impact our food choices have on the health of our planet, attitudes towards eating vegan are changing and so are our diets.

“Making planet-friendly food choices is also becoming much easier thanks to the businesses embracing Veganuary and providing delicious and accessible plant-based alternatives to familiar foods. Together we are making an enormous difference for animals and the planet.”

The news comes after YouGov revealed 34% of UK adults are either interested in trying or plan to try a plant-based diet, 8% of UK adults are vegan, and 35% of participants said their perception of a plant-based diet has changed for the better in the past two years.

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