Christmas shopping: When are supermarkets opening their delivery slots?

One of the modern Christmas rituals is surely the rush for supermarket delivery slots.

Retailers have massively expanded their online offerings since lockdown began last year, but there’s still a risk of missing out if you’re slow off the mark.

With reports of turkeys and puddings flying off shelves, it’s bound to be competitive.

Savvy shoppers clutching their Christmas lists will know exactly when slots are opening and what the minimum spend is.

If you don’t, then the Grocery Gazette has put together this handy guide to some of the biggest supermarkets.

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All of the online retailer’s delivery slots appear to have been booked up, prompting boycott threats from furious customers.

“Like countless others, I’m going to cancel my Smart Pass and start shopping elsewhere,” one regular said.

However, Ocado staggers the release of slots, meaning some “may become available as we and other customers finalise plans”.

Subscribers – who will need to spend a minimum of £90 – would be well-advised to keep an eye on the website.

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As revealed yesterday, the Big 4 grocer’s digital sales are up 108 per cent on 2019 levels, suggesting slots will disappear quickly.

On the plus side, chief executive Simon Roberts recently emailed shoppers to say Sainsbury’s was offering more bookings than ever before.

Delivery Pass customers can grab a slot from 23 November, while everyone else will have to wait a week longer.

In addition to paying £10 for three months, subscribers will have to shell out at least £40 for their order.

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Following standard practice, shoppers at Britain’s biggest retailer get priority if they are on its subscription scheme.

Delivery Savers can book from 16 November, while others will only be able to do so from 23 November.

Last year, Tesco’s website was overwhelmed by subscribers frantically trying to book up slots just hours after bookings opened.

For those opting for the advance slots, they’ll need to pay a minimum £40 on deliveries plus a £6.99 a month subscription.

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Delivery Pass holders get “priority” for Morrisons orders that arrive between December 20 and Christmas Eve.

Booking has already opened and proven popular, but the supermarket has advised people to watch out for extra slots.

The pass costs £5 a month with a minimum delivery spend of £40.

Given its recent hiring spree of 3000 workers, Morrisons clearly expects this festive season to be a busy one.

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The Issa-owned retailer opened delivery slots for customers on October 19 for Delivery Pass customers.

It costs £6 a month with a minimum spend of £40.

Whether or not you think this is good value, there’s no point getting this for Christmas as regular slots opened on October 28.

The grocer is unveiling its “Asda on Ice” advert tonight, but a couple of reports suggests slots are already hard to come by.

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