Cadbury Dairy Milk to be rolled out in recycled packaging

Mondelez International is set to package its Cadbury Dairy Milk products in up to 30 per cent recycled plastic.  

The move will see the brand roll out the new packaging on over 28 million sharing bars in 2022.  

The news comes as part of the producer’s commitment to reduce its use of virgin plastic in its portfolio by five per cent by 2025.  

Earlier this year, the snacks manufacturer also introduced 75 per cent recycled plastic (RPET) for its Dairylea Lunchables and Snackers packaging across the UK, and it is set to use RPET in its Philadelphia lids and tubs from 2022.  

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According to the company, it is currently investing over £21 million internationally in recycling infrastructure and innovation and expects to see its investment total £215 million by 2025. 

“This next step in our journey to reduce our use of virgin plastic in our Cadbury range is a really important one,” Mondelez international UK managing director Louise Stigant said.  

“Our increased use of recycled plastic will drive demand for this material and reduce our need to produce new, virgin plastic.” 

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover added: “Moves towards recycled content are important in reducing the demand on natural resources, and I am pleased Mondelez International will include recycled plastic from next year as part of its word toward the UK Plastic Pact targets.” 

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