Tesco one-hour rapid delivery service expands to London and Bristol

Tesco has expanded its Whoosh one-hour delivery service to cover London and Bristol. 

The expansion comes as part of chief executive Ken Murphy’s plans to move the Big 4 grocer into a new digital age.  

The supermarket began its one-hour delivery offer from a single store in Wolverhampton and went on to add a further 11 Express outlets in London and Bristol.  

Murphy said the trial had given Tesco “some very interesting data.” 

The Big 4 grocer launched its Whoosh one-hour delivery service in late May and saw rapid growth over the Covid-19 pandemicbut has not yet taken the next step in following its rivals into the on-demand grocery space.  

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The supermarket achieved a growth of 0.5 per cent in sales year-on-year to £10 billion in the 13-week period ending May 29.  

Murphy said that although the grocery delivery scene is a “hot market”, but said it is still in the test-and-learn phase.  

“The truth is that we are not sure yet about the economic proposition and we’re not entirely sure about what the customer need is,” he said.  

“Is it 10 minutes? Is it half an hour? Is it an hour? 

“I would describe our view on it as we’re very curious about what the proposition could look like. We’re very curious about what the customer need really is and we’re very curious about what a viable economic model could look like.”  



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