Pimms & Aperol beaten by supermarket own-brands in Which? test


Pimms and Aperol taste worse than a number of supermarket alternatives despite being double the price, according to a Which? study.

Around 100 consumers blind-tasted a range of fruit-based gins, ranking them based on flavour, feel, appearance and aroma.

In the first comparison, Aldi’s Summer Punch came out on top with a score of 72 per cent, followed by Tesco’s Summer Cup on 69 per cent.

Pimms No.1 came a close third with 67 per cent, but at £15 for 70cl cost significantly more than the Aldi and Tesco versions, which were £7.49 and £8 respectively.

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Aldi was also ranked top in the next test, where its Aperini (£6.99) won with a two point lead over Aperol (£15).

Sainsbury’s Aperitivo (£8) came bottom, with tasters citing its bitter taste and pale colour as disadvantages.

“If you’re toasting the start of summer weather or a first gathering with friends and family for some time, our taste tests prove that you don’t have to pay through the nose,” Which? magazine editor Harry Rose said.

“Whether you are looking for a refreshing fruit-based gin cup or citrus-based aperitif, choosing a supermarket’s own-label can save you money, and potentially get you a tastier beverage.”

The news comes after the Court of Session banned Lidl from selling its own-brand Hampstead gin because of its “deliberate” attempt to resemble Hendrick’s.

Lord Clarke ruled that the discounter was “riding on the coat-tails” of an established brand.



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