Greencore among supermarket suppliers recalling sandwiches amid E. coli outbreak

Supermarket sandwich supplier Greencore is one of a number of manufacturers recalling products in what is thought to be linked to a recent break out of E. coli in the UK.

Greencore supplies all of the major supermarkets in the UK including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Aldi and Co-op, with food-to-go products, such as salads, wraps and sandwiches, as well as chilled, frozen and ambient food.

The sandwich maker said as a “precautionary measure” it has recalled thousands of products, including 30 different sandwiches and wraps, and pointed out that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has declariled E. coli had not been detected in the products.

The products recalled include Aldi Chicken Fajita Triple Wrap, Amazon BLT Sandwich, Asda Smoky Beans and Cheddar Cheese Wrap, Asda Chicken Salad sandwich, Boots BBQ Chicken Wrap, Morrisons Chicken Salad sandwich and Co-op Ham & Cheese Wrap.

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A spokesperson for Greencore told Grocery Gazette: “As a precautionary measure, we have voluntarily recalled a number of sandwiches and wraps due to a potential food safety risk. Greencore adheres to the highest standards of food safety, and we are working closely with the Food Standards Agency and our suppliers to better understand the possible source of any potential issue.”

These products are thought to contain the specific variety of salad leaves that have been blamed for the of E. coli outbreak identified this month by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

However it is understood that any contaminated batches are likely to no longer be in circulation, although it has not yet been clarified whether this is simply because the affected leaves have already been used up.

It comes as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said that chilled and ambient food supplier Samworth Brothers Manton Wood has taken the precautionary step of recalling 15 lines of sandwiches and wraps sold in Tesco and One Stop due to the “possible contamination” with E. coli.

Meanwhile, plant-based food brand This has also taken the precaution of recalling its This Isn’t Chicken and Bacon wraps with a best before date of 18 June, which are only sold in WHSmith.

However, the FSA said that E. coli “has not been detected in the product” at both companies.

A Samworth Brothers Manton Wood spokesperson told the Evening Standard: “The Food Standards Agency has advised the supplier of a salad ingredient which we use in a small number of products that it should undertake a product withdrawal and recall.

“Meanwhile, food chain investigations are being carried out, which have not yet reached any conclusions.

“A small number of sandwich and wrap lines that are made at our Manton Wood site are being recalled as a precautionary measure to ensure a high level of health protection for consumers. No other Manton Wood products are affected.”

While it is expected that other manufacturers are also set to issue recalls, these companies have yet to be identified as investigations are ongoing into find out exactly which products could have been affected.

The latest news comes amid the FSA and UKHSA launching an investigation into the recent outbreak which saw over 100 people across the UK hospitalised with food poisoning, since 25 May.

The full list of recalled products with a Use By Date of all dates up to 16 June

  • by Amazon BLT Sandwich
  • Asda Chicken Salad (Sandwich)
  • Aldi Chicken Fajita Triple Wrap
  • Asda Chicken & Bacon Club (Sandwich)
  • Asda Smoky Beans and Cheddar Cheese Wrap
  • Asda Brie, Bacon and Chilli Chutney (Sandwich)
  • Asda BLT (Sandwich)
  • Boots BLT (Sandwich)
  • Boots BBQ Chicken wrap
  • Boots Chicken Salad (Sandwich)
  • Boots Chicken Triple (Sandwich)
  • by Amazon Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • Boots Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap
  • Boots Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s (Sandwich)
  • Boots Mixed Triple (Sandwich)
  • Boots Spicy Bean & Cheese Wrap
  • Boots Ham & Egg Club (Sandwich)
  • Boots Southern Fried Chicken Wrap
  • Boots Vegan No Duck & Hoisin Wrap
  • Boots Halloumi & Greek Style Salad wrap
  • Boots Vegan No Chicken Salad (Sandwich)
  • Boots Delicious Ham & Cheese Ploughman’s (Sandwich)
  • Co-op Ham & Cheese Wrap
  • Boots Veggie Triple (Sandwich)
  • by Amazon Ploughman’s Sandwich
  • Co-op Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap
  • Co-op Ham, Cheese & Pickle (Sandwich)
  • Co-op Vegan Gro Onion Bhaji (Sandwich)
  • Co-op Mexican Style Bean & Cheese Wrap
  • Co-op Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (Sandwich)
  • Sainsbury’s Peri Peri Chicken Wrap
  • Morrisons Chicken Salad (Sandwich)
  • Morrisons Gluten Free Sandwich Platter
  • Morrisons Chicken Salad PFS (Sandwich)
  • by Amazon Chicken & Bacon Layered Salad
  • Morrisons Gluten Free Chicken Salad (Sandwich)
  • Sainsbury’s BBQ Pulled Pork & Red Leicester (Sandwich)
  • Sainsbury’s Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Focaccia (Sandwich)
  • Asda Tuna Crunch Sub Roll
  • Sainsbury’s Greek Style Wrap
  • Sainsbury’s Jerk Halloumi Wrap
  • by Amazon Prawn Layered Salad
  • Asda Southern Fried Chicken Wrap
  • Asda Vegan No Chick’n Caesar Wrap
  • Asda Southern Fried Chicken Triple Wrap


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