Campaigners granted appeal against government over legality of ‘Frankenchickens’

The Humane League is taking the government to court for the second time in a bid to end the use of fast-growing ‘Frankenchickens’.

The law currently states that animals cannot be farmed if their genetics cause health and welfare problems.

However there are still chickens raised for meat that are bred to an unnatural size and suffer from a variety of health and welfare issues such as heart attacks, lameness, green muscle disease, hock burns and organ failure.

While the animal rights campaigners previously challenged the government over the legality of ‘Frankenchickens’ and were given a full hearing in the High Court, the case was lost earlier this year.

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However, The Humane League has said it has been given a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” as an appeal has been granted.

Managing director, Sean Gifford, said: “The court only grants an appeal if there is a very real prospect of success, and we are thrilled our legal challenge will have this final day in court.

“What hangs in the balance are the lives of one billion thinking feeling chickens who are forced to endure the cruellest practice in modern farming. Fast-growing Frankenchickens, whose short lives are plagues by illness, suffering and despair, have been let down by the law.”

Research by the RSCPA found that 87% of shoppers want UK supermarkets to stop selling ‘Frankenchickens’ and instead expect higher welfare standards.

In May, Co-op’s board and members clashed at its annual general meeting over the welfare of chickens reared for meat as demonstrators urged the convenience retailer to adopt the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

Despite 96% of 32,000 Co-op members voting for this, the board refused to stop selling fast-growing birds as it strived to keep prices down, however it did agree to give chickens more space, equivalent to BCC requirements.



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  • Please can we start a grass roots national campaign, gathering signatures to change the treatment of these animals. I am sure the chicken eating public would want higher welfare standards that mean proper treatment of these animals.


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