Morrisons offers money-off vouchers to apologise for self-service checkouts

Morrisons is offering money-off vouchers to customers as an apology over self-service checkout refittings.

The supermarket said it wants to show people it listens to its customers after it agreed to re-install some of the manned tills which had been removed from its Skipton branch last month.

The original reconfiguration of the checkouts was met with backlash from shoppers when they discovered the number of manned tills was reduced from 12 to eight, meaning half of the 16 checkouts were now self-service.

The re-fit prompted a letter from resident Josh Horne who accused Morrisons of treating its customers “with disdain.”

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However, the store has proved it listens to shoppers and after realising that customers preferred to have their shopping scanned by staff it made the decision to perform a U-turn and bring back some of the manned checkouts.

As an extra apology, bosses at the Morrisons store are also offering shoppers a money-off voucher which they can use in-store.

Store manager James Lever thanked customers for their “valuable feedback” as he revealed the supermarket’s plans.

“After listening to your feedback, we decided to reinstate an additional four manned checkouts. We also wanted to offer a ‘£3 off your next £30 shop’ coupon, which you can use next time you’re in store.”

The news comes as Morrisons is now stocking The Sidemen’s XIX Vodka in over 300 of its stores, making it the first time ever a Sidemen product has launched in a major UK supermarket.



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