Waitrose pork famer praised for keeping pigs cool this summer

Waitrose has commended one of its pork farmers for going above and beyond to ensure its pigs remain cool in the UK’s rising temperatures.

Robert McGregor, a farmer from Norfolk, has been using mud to protect his sows from the heat.

Creating a shady retreat for his pigs, McGregor has been digging muddy wallows to provide an escape from their usual outdoor living.

Mud, when dried, also acts as a protective layer from the sun for pigs, the animal’s alternative to sunscreen.

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“It might not be a five star hotel swimming pool, but if you happen to be a pig – a muddy wallow is the ultimate luxury,” Norfolk Farm LSB Pigs farm manager Robert McGregor said.

“I know my pigs well enough to recognise when they are happy and they really do appreciate somewhere to cool off during the heat.”

Waitrose senior agriculture manager added: “Our sows are outdoors all year round which allows them to express natural behaviour. But we do have to go the extra mile to keep them comfortable in the summer months.”

The retailer currently holds top spot as the reigning winner of Compassion in World Farming’s Good Pig award since 2012, which recognises the high animal welfare standards of farmers.

This news comes as Waitrose has announced it will be adding bowel cancer symptoms to its own brand toilet roll packaging in support of Bowel Cancer UK’s #GetOnARoll campaign.

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