Waitrose survey reveals the nation’s favourite condiment

Waitrose has revealed that ketchup is the nation’s most-loved condiment and the top pick paired with a bacon sandwich or chips.

With just over a third of the UK storing between five and six condiment jars in their fridges, mayonnaise and vinegar fall at a close second favourite behind ketchup that 37% say they enjoy most.

The supermarket chain’s recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults found that despite ketchup coming out on top, generational and geographical differences can sway the public on their condiment choices.

For those over the age of 55, 42% would favour vinegar compared to just 19% of under 34’s, whereas the younger generations top picks vary between garlic mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce, hot sauce and barbecue.

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Whilst the South East are big garlic mayonnaise fans, the North are divided on which condiment is best paired with chips. Although the North East prefer curry sauce, those in the North West think chips belong with gravy.

In the UK’s capital, 12% of Londoners ‘always’ add a chilli condiment and are the most likely to add mustard to a bacon sandwich.

However, other popular pairings with the breakfast item include ketchup with 29% of votes and close behind at 26% is brown sauce.

Other than the classic pairings, some survey members also revealed their love for marmite, harissa and barbeque sauce as an addition to a bacon sandwich.

Condiments including Nando’s Perinaise, homemade chutney, mint sauce, soy sauce and chilli pickle also made it to the favourite’s list, however ketchup reigns supreme.

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