Iceland under fire for ‘bad taste’ swipe at Boris Johnson after MPs quit

Frozen food grocer Iceland has come under fire by social media users after it took a swipe at Boris Johnson after more ministers quit.

The supermarket took the opportunity to make a joke at the Prime Minister’s expense after Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit their Tory government ministerial posts, while Michael Gove was sacked yesterday.

As a result, Iceland posted a tweet which read: “Having trouble keeping your cabinet full?

“Shop everyday essentials from”

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But, some social media users hit back at the grocer, accusing it of hypocrisy due to to accusations its CEO, Richard Walker, has been supporting the party in the past.

One social media user said: “Maybe check that your boss doesn’t support all his policies before joining in the fun.”

Another added: “Your CEO is a Johnson cheerleader: and also backed #Brexit, which was Johnson’s route to power and which has left the country poorer, weaker, less secure, less influential and more isolated – both worldwide and in its own backyard of Europe.

“Sit this one out.”

One user added that Iceland is using “cynical marketing” considering Walker was “so keen on leave”.

“My opinion of your store has gone up a millionfold and as far as your chairman is concerned, he can stick it where the lollies don’t freeze,” another user added.

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