Kind Snacks unveils ‘pick and go’ nutritional billboard

Kind Snacks has launched its Kind Grab and Go Billboard, made entirely of garden fresh produce in a bid to encourage Londoners to consumers to eat their 5 a day and a handful of nuts.

The four metre long campaign billboard has been placed in front of Kings Cross station and is over-flowing with daily recommendation ingredients that are “garden-fresh and nutrition-boosting”.

All of produce on the board including pears, bananas, peppers and Kind bars are readily available for the public to simply pick and go.

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The board will be up from 7am to 7pm to allow all passer-byers, commuters and tourists to have their fresh harvest.

The campaign comes after Kind snack’s research which revealed that while 90% of Brits are aware that you should consume your 5-a-day only 8% of children (11-18 y/o), 27% of adults (19-64 y/o) and 35% of those 65+ actually consumed them.

On top of this, the research showed that revealed just 13% of Brits followed health advice and consume a daily handful of nuts a day.

Almost half of Brits (47%) admitted they would eat nuts more often if they were reassured that they are a healthy option, indicating a lack of nutritional education.

“At KIND we have long been advocating the nutritional benefits of nuts but our research has revealed that the majority of people aren’t consuming their recommended daily intake,” Kind Snacks UK head of marketing Audrey Arbeeny said.

“Our Grab and Go billboard demonstrated in a simple, engaging moment that nuts shouldn’t be left by the way-side when it comes to conversations about nutrition.  In fact they should be elevated on a par with other nutritious, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.”

Arbeeny added: “It has been great seeing the reaction to the billboard with thousands of consumers coming up to take away free fresh fruit and KIND bars.  Many had no idea about the nutritional value of nuts so it has been a great educational and sampling opportunity combined in one.”

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