Brewdog denies Heineken takeover rumours

Brewdog has denied rumours of selling part of the company to rival Heineken.

This claim comes as the BBC reported the craft beer company’s CEO, James Watt, had allegedly been involved in preliminary discussions about a potential sale of part of the firm.

However, in response to these claims, a spokesperson for Brewdog told Grocery Gazette that “there has never been any formal discussion about a sale or even a partial sale to Heineken and there has never been any intention to do so.

“This is yet another in a long line of misrepresentations broadcast by the BBC. We continue to talk to a number of brewers about possible distribution partnerships.”

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The leaked emails from 2018 that were uncovered by the BBC allegedly revealed Watt told Heineken he was “open to being more pragmatic in our views on independence.”

Speaking to the BBC, Brewdog gave a further comment saying: “The BBC’s relentless vindictive scrutiny and malicious criticism of Brewdog is utterly disproportionate. It beggars belief the BBC would repeat the same false allegations that are subject to an ongoing Ofcom complaint.

“The BBC has demonstrated it will simply ignore any response we may choose to give, in clear breach of its charter obligations. This is not responsible journalism.

“It is perfectly obvious that the BBC is being misled and is choosing to rely on a handful of individuals involved in a concerted campaign to do our business and its founder damage.”

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