International Dairy Federation publishes eco-bulletin


The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has published a new bulletin on eco-friendly and energy-saving dairy technologies on its corporate website.

The guidelines hope to assist sustainability managers and leaders in improving energy management across the dairy supply chain.

Currently, evolving energy conserving measures have been incorporated in virtually all traditional unit processes, without compromising food safety and security.

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Additionally, post-farm dairy processing demands little energy in the context of overall global use – demonstrating the sector’s commitment to sustainability is supported by “concrete, actual measures”.

“Sustainability is one of the four pillars of IDF, and thus we are determined to develop and promote sustainable practices across the dairy supply chain,” IDF says director general Caroline Emond said.

“As part of this determination, we have decided to actively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG7. This is not just an expression of goodwill, but an irrevocable commitment. Eco-friendly practices and energy-saving technologies are very much aligned with this goal.”

The tech-based move comes as the dairy industry has experienced volatility with suppliers facing unprecedented levels on-farm inflation.

As a result retailers such as Tesco have increased how much it pays for all its fresh milk in order to support over 500 British dairy farmers.

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