The Fats of Life: How government and brands must work together on HFSS

The government’s decision to delay the ban on HFSS multi-buys and pre-watershed advertising has sparked some heated debate.

Jamie Oliver protested outside Number 10 on Friday 20 May with his #EtonMess campaign, calling on the PM to backtrack on the decision, while elsewhere retailers are taking the initiative to implement the proposed regulations regardless of the ban being put on hold.

If you believe that marketing works, you have to believe that the ban has merit. But timing is everything, and this could well be one of the worse times to force an increase in the cost of any product that people rely on.

Ogilvy UK’s chief strategy officer Jo Arden discusses the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on food and beverage advertising and what more brands can be doing to promote healthier choices.

Read the full story on Marketing Beat. 



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