Budweiser brewer ‘unlikely’ to meet non-alcoholic beer goal

AB InBev, which owns brands including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, has revealed it is ‘off track’ on reaching its goal of making 20% of its beer volume non-alcoholic and low-alcohol by 2025.

AB Inbev’s chief sustainability officer Ezgi Barcenas told Reuters, “We are a little over 6% still” in an interview on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, adding: “We are off track.”

The brewer’s goals were made to support the World Health Organisation (WHO) in reaching its target to cut harmful drinking – alcoholic beverage consumption that causes car accidents, diseases and birth defects – by 10% in every country by 2025.

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According to the Barcenas, the goals were made before InBev’s ‘mega-deal’ with SABMiller Plc, which led to the company ‘change in commercial strategy’.

“What we really want to do is provide the consumer with choice and information. At the time this was announced, we didn’t have the availability of choice. We want to focus on the choice as opposed to push the volume out.”

Moreover, AB InBev has reached the 20% target in some countries, such as China and Panama.

Additionally, it has expanded its non-alcohol brands to 42 from 26 in the past five years, increasing its number of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beers and beverages to 80.

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