Non-alcoholic drinks trade association expands to UK and Europe

North American-based Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA) has launched in the UK and Europe in a bid to unite non-alcoholic adult drinks brands across the world.

ANBA is well established in North America, working to foster growth in the beer, wine, spirits and ready-to-drink cocktail categories, ensuring consumers have access to a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks. The trade organisation is now expanding to the United Kingdom.

ANBA said it has been created to “tackle the absence of universal regulations, improve guidelines for international trade and market expansion, and provide a central entity for key stakeholders, consumers, retailers, suppliers and complementary industries”.

The non-alcoholic category is expected to be worth £24 billion ($30 billion) by 2025 as consumers continue to switch to non-alcoholic alternatives.

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“With market share growing faster than regulation, this new ANBA UK/EU chapter has an important task to ensure regulatory landscapes remain fair and give consumers confidence in the quality of the products our members offer,” ANBA board chair and Lyre’s Spirits co-founder Mark Livings.

“With a united voice through ANBA, we will bring stronger relevance, acceptance and sustainable growth to our rapidly developing share of the global drinks industry.”

Thomson & Scott chief executive and founder Amanda Thomson added: “To date, the alcohol-free producers who are becoming increasingly relevant in the global drinks market have not had a voice. Instead, the big alcohol producers have spoken for us.

“This platform gives us the much-needed opportunity to put our flag in the sand on the issues that matter. It’s a game-changer!”

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