Asda retains ‘UK’s cheapest online supermarket’ title for 13 months straight

Asda has retained its title as UK’s cheapest online supermarket for 13 months straight, with Tesco coming in second.

According to the latest research from Alertr, an online price tracking website, Asda was revealed to be the least expensive consumer weekly shop by a ‘fair amount’.

It was found to be £19.37 cheaper than Ocado – the most expensive supermarket right now being tracked.

Sainsbury’s battled with Tesco for second place throughout April. While Sainsbury’s costs lowered towards the month, they failed to retain a second place for the second month in a row.

Ocado and Waitrose continued to compete with each other to not be named the most expensive of the largest supermarkets being tracked – with a marginal price difference of just 81p.

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Moreover, the online price tracking website found that the price of vegetables throughout the month across all six supermarkets changed as Britons were shopping ahead for their Easter meals.

“For the weekly shop, as it currently stands, there’s still a stark difference between the top and bottom spots on the leader board of almost £20 this time around,” co-founder Alertr Andy Barr said.

“Typically, since the start of 2022, we’ve seen much less disparity across the rest of the board, especially between those supermarkets placing second, third and fourth – Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

“However, Asda seems to have now broken away from the rest of the pack, with a considerable price difference of £6.64 between them and runners-up, Tesco.

Barr added: “Who knows how the battle of the supermarkets will play out over the next few months – whether the gap closes between competitors or if the leader board starts to stabilise a little. With the cost of living squeezing household incomes, it’ll be interesting to see how all the top supermarkets cope over the coming months.”

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