Jisp launches store-specific loyalty scheme to support independent grocers

Jisp has launched the convenience sector’s first store-specific loyalty programme designed to support independent grocers, named Jisp Rewards.

Created to help convenience stores attract, engage and reward shoppers, the loyalty scheme will give customers money off their shopping simply for using Jisp’s Scan & Save technology.

Jisp Scan & Save is already available in over 120 stores across the UK, including branches of Nisa, Londis, Premier, Budgens and Family Shopper.

Convenience stores using Scan & Save which sign up to the loyalty scheme will be able to reward customers with in-app vouchers unique to their branch.

Shoppers will earn rewards every time they redeem a product using Scan & Save, regardless of the product’s price. Once they reach 25 rewards they will receives an in-app voucher for £2.50 off their next shop.

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Jisp will be highlighting leading promotions both in-app and socially, driving shoppers to their local Scan & Save store. Exclusive 24hr deals will also reward shoppers for referring friends and family.

“This is our moon landing for every Scan & Save store today and into the future,” said Jisp’s chief customer officer, Greg Deacon.

“Retailers have been calling for a loyalty scheme that’s specific to them at no cost. We want to continue our mission of supporting independent retailers and helping their shoppers save monies and be rewarded for doing so.

“I believe this is the single most significant opportunity to grow footfall and spend locally that ensures every shopper builds their loyalty with their favourite local store.”

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