Asda donates £1.4m to FareShare for 10 million meals

Asda has donated £1.4 million to surplus food charity FareShare to set up the ‘All Good Food Fund’, which it hopes will lead to 10 million meals being donated to charities across the UK.

The All Good Food Fund project will see surplus food from the supermarket‘s suppliers – including fruit, vegetables, eggs and bread as well as fresh, frozen, ambient and chilled product – being redistributed to FareShare and its network of 10,500 charities across the UK.

The scheme allows Asda suppliers to apply for help to cover additional costs such as labour and transport, making it easier for them to donate unwanted or surplus food and help local communities across the UK.

“Like our customers, we are passionate about reducing food waste and helping people in our local communities,” said Asda’s Better Starts manager, Kloe Tegg

“This investment will give our suppliers the capability to do both and make sure the food they produce, sold or not is not wasted and goes to those who need it most.”

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FareShare ceo Lindsay Boswell added: “We’re hugely grateful for Asda’s ongoing support. The All Good Food Fund enables us to step up our support for the food industry.

“The funding will be instrumental in making sure companies can quickly and safely divert their surplus to frontline charities, in a cost-effective way.”

Asda also partners with FareShare through a back-of-store donation scheme. In 2021, this donated enough surplus food to make the equivalent of 6.6 million meals and forms a key part of the supermarket’s commitment to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

Surplus food donations made via the new scheme will also have a positive environmental impact. Each tonne of food redistributed by FareShare prevents the waste of an average 1.6 tonnes of embedded CO2e.

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