Aldi beats Lidl to be named nation’s favourite supermarket

Aldi has been named the nation’s favourite supermarket, according to YouGov’s latest polling data.

The discount retailer, recently named the cheapest supermarket by Which?, scored above its competitor Lidl as well as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

Last month Aldi was also named the fastest-growing retailer in the UK, with sales increasing by 3.3%, as 40% of UK shoppers chose to shop at the discounter.

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The supermarket’s popularity correlates with the cost-of#-living crisis, where rising food prices, energy and tax bills have squeezed budgets even further.

On top of this, independent analysis from The Grocer revealed Aldi was 19% cheaper than the Big 4 grocers.

“With so any costs rising right now, customers want to know they can still afford to treat themselves to high-quality food and drink without breaking the bank,” Aldi communications director Richard Thornton said.

“Aldi is the only supermarket to offer that unbeatable combination of great quality products at low prices. We believe that’s why British shoppers have, once again, voted us the nation’s favourite.”

The news comes as Aldi has brought its supplier competition to Channel’s 4 screen in a bid to create a realty TV series based around supporting small to medium businesses.

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