The return of lockdown-free Easter: what can shoppers expect?

The appetite for Easter this year is bigger than ever, after two years of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions leaving a bitter taste in our mouths, this year has seen retailers and chocolatiers ramp up their festive campaigns and products to ensure there is nothing stopping the festivities.

Last week, Aldi, Tesco and Sainsbury’s Easter cracker kits were all sold out online and one in 10 Britons between the ages of 25 to 40 have brought home Easter decorations.

As the weather gets warmer, Easter eggs have gradually popped up on supermarket shelves once again – however this year expectations are higher, and the retailers have delivered.

Through the aisles of bunnies, pastels and chocolate, Grocery Gazette highlights the top innovations, products and alternative options available this Easter.

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To mark the first get-together Easter in two years, Tesco has launched a venue to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

This week the Big 4 grocer opened its Hot Cross Bun Café for one week only situated in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. The space stays loyal to its theme with hot-cross bun twists on every dish and cocktail.

The café by day, and bar by night venue serves brunch, afternoon tea as well as an adults-only only five-course dining experience in the evening.

Some notable additions to the menu include a hot cross bun espresso martini, a chocolate egg milkshake and sides of hot-cross bun croutons and crostinis in the dinner menu.

“The hot cross bun is very much having a moment in 2022, as reflected by our focus on quality at an affordable price along with innovation in this year’s ranges,” Tesco CCO Alessandra Bellini said.

“We wanted to make sure that this year’s was our best, but also go one step further and create a memorable Easter experience that allows hot cross bun lovers to enjoy our extensive offering in a variety of new and unexpected ways, while celebrating with family and friends.”

Playing on the hot-cross bun hype, is Aldi with its two new innovations to share including a giant hot cross bun and a hot cross bun Gin liqueur.

The massive bun compares to the size of a human head and is available in stores and online from 27 March. Tiktok star Samantha Ramsdell who also holds the Guinness world record title for largest female mouth debuted the product.

“Despite failing the challenge, I really loved the taste. The bun is super buttery and delicious with loads of juicy fruit – one to tell my American pals about for sure,” Ramsdell said after attempting to cram the baked good in her mouth.

In addition to the giant bun, is Aldi’s limited edition Infusionist Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur which has been available online and instore from 31 March.

The alcoholic treat is flavoured with caramel, raisins and cinnamon and can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed with ginger ale – ensuring adults are treated over Easter as well.

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Keeping on the alcohol theme, Bailey’s have released a new Sundae Easter Egg which features a Belgian chocolate shell flavoured with Bailey’s.

The shell is also coated in dripping fudge chocolate, decorated with chocolate buttons and salted caramel crispies. The alcohol inspired treat is available exclusively online for £12 from Lir Chocolates, alongside a rat of other Easter snacks.

Morrisons has also launched a new Easter range inspired by Mini Eggs which includes cakes, cookies and doughnuts. The selection will be available in Morrisons Market Street Cake Shop and counters in Morrisons stores nationwide.

Adding a home-made touch, all the doughnuts, cheesecakes, gateau and cookies will be made in-store by Morrisons Cake Shop colleagues daily.

“We know the nation loves a mini egg – so we’ve worked hard with our development chefs to create a range that incorporates mini eggs into many of our customer favourites,” Morrisons cake shop manager Jess Islip said.

“We’re egg-cited, they’re finally hitting the shelves and can’t wait for our customers to try them.”

Steering away from this spring’s edible products, is Aldi’s hot cross bun candle. Included in its three-part set is a Yankee Candle inspired range including scents in Chocolate Eggs and Easter cupcake.

The Hot Cross Buns variant will are feature hints of cinnamon, cloves and spiced fruit and a touch of butter.

Whereas Chocolate Eggs candle smells of “creamy milk chocolate, with a hint of vanilla” and the Easter Cupcakes scent draws from “buttery sponge with sweet vanilla icing”, which is captured in its pastel pink wax.

The discount retailer has definitely pulled all the stops this year, ensuring consumers have a hot crossed bun filled weekend whether it be a glass of gin or a scented candle.

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To top off this year’s Easter festivities, retailers and chocolatiers haven’t forgotten its vegan or gluten-free shoppers – delivering a raft of mouth-watering alternatives.

Tesco has exclusively launched the Wicked Kitchen’s first-ever vegan Easter range, which will include dairy-free chocolate eggs and vegan cupcakes.

The Big 4 grocer is also set to expand its Free From range with a Strawberry Crunch Egg, Cluckie the Choc Chick, and Free From Gingerbread Easter kit.

Within its dairy-free range will be two flavours: Fruity Chocolate and Poppin Candy Orange, both retailing at £5.00 each.

The plant-based company will also launch its vegan chocolate rabbit, named Benny the Bunny, priced at £5 and made from a plant-based milk chocolate. Along with Benny, will be its cupcake range called Bunny Bum cupcakes priced at £3 for four.

For vegans who are craving a simpler chocolate egg, vegan chocolatier Mummy Meegz has debuted the UK’s first-ever oat milk crème egg following the success of its dark chocolate variant.

The plant-based treat, named Chuckie Eggs come in an ethically sourced chocolate shell and are filled with a gooey fondant “yolk centre – which comes wrapped in 100% recyclable foil.

Exclusively sold at Asda, the eggs will be available in store from 18 April for 99p each. Chuckie Eggs are also available for pre-order from the Mummy Meegz, priced at £5 for five.

Compared to the regular crème egg, Chuckie Eggs also pride themselves on being palm oil free and uses only 5% of water and land required for dairy milk chocolate.

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