Five new products: Baileys, Aldi, Unilever, Tesco and Cheeshapes


Bailey’s Ice Cream Sundae Easter Egg

Bailey’s new Ice Cream Sundae Easter Egg will feature a Belgian chocolate shell flavoured with Baileys. The shell will also be coated in a dripping fudge chocolate, decorated with chocolate buttons and salted caramel crispies.

The alcohol-inspired treat will be available exclusively online for £12 from Lir Chocolates, alongside a raft of other Easter snacks.

Aldi’s Hot Cross Bun Candle

Aldi has launched an Easter-infused gift inspired by Yankee Candle which also includes scents in Chocolate Eggs and Easter cupcake.

The trio will be on sale from 7 April for £3.99, weighing 85g each. The Hot Cross Buns variant features hints of cinnamon, cloves, spiced fruit and a  touch of butter.

On top of this, the Chocolate Eggs candle smells of “creamy milk chocolate, with a hint of vanilla” and the Easter Cupcakes scent draws from “buttery sponge with sweet vanilla icing”, which is captured in its pastel pink wax.

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Unilever’s 72 hour Deodorant

Unilever has launched Sure Nonstop Protection deodorant which boasts 72-hour sweat and odour protection.

The product secures a layer that reduces the flow of sweat on the underarm surface. It also goes a step further and releases a burst of fragrance whenever the wearer moves – a part of its MotionSense tech.

The multinational’s new tech development has been “Sure’s biggest upgrade in antiperspirant technology in 30 years,” Unilever said.

Nonstop Protection is available now retailing at £2 for 150ml and £3 for 250ml.

The Gym Kitchen launches ready meals in Tesco

Protein focused brand, The Gym Kitchen, is set to launch four frozen ready meals and two pizza lines across Tesco this month.

The range aims to provide a macro-balanced and high-protein options. At the beginning of October 2021, the brand started selling frozen meals in Asda and Dunnes.

Tesco’s Gym Kitchen range includes Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef Lasagne, BBQ Chicken and Chilli Con Carne. Each option is low-fat and comes in a 400g portion size.

The pizzas come in Tandoori Chicken or Mighty Meat toppings as it hopes to bring protein-heavy meals that are convenient for the everyday consumer.

Strings & Things Cheeshapes value pack

Strings & Things announced it will expand its value pack to include four Snack Packs inside rather than three.

The brand, which is the most purchased cheese snack in the UK, hopes to make the pack last longer for customers amid soaring food inflation.

Additionally, the brand prides itself in co-creating its products with kids to ensure the snack is equally “playful” as it is “delicious”.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our products for our consumers.  We believe these bigger packs offer great value for parents looking for healthier options and variety for their kid’s lunchboxes, especially in the current economic climate,” Strings & Things marketing manager Sarah Davies said.

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