One in five retailers ‘unaware’ of HFSS policy

One in five (20%) of retail businesses are unaware that new high fat salt or sugar (HFSS) restrictions are coming into place from October, according to the latest research from GS1 UK.

The global standards organisation also revealed that 70% businesses are unaware of the volume price promotions restrictions, and almost a half feel unprepared for its implementation.

The news comes as regulations will restrict the location and volume deals of HFSS, meaning from October retailers cannot place confectionary near tills or at aisle bays. Deals based on volume promotion such as “buy one get one free” will also be prohibited.

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However, only one in three retailers have assessed their products ahead of the October deadline with Tesco and Sainsbury’s trialling new store structures.

Additionally, two-thirds of businesses claim that further financial support from the government is required to adapt.

In terms of shoppers, 68% of consumers agree with the legislation while 53% would “miss buy one get one free” promotions amid food inflation and household budget squeezes.

The effectivity of the policy is still unclear, though 51% of consumers say they would be less likely to buy HFSS products if they were “less visible” in stores. 25% said they would buy less without price promotions.

“Many businesses feel overwhelmed with the challenges they have faced over the last two years,” GS1 UK CEO Anne Godfrey said.

“There is no doubt that the industry, now more than ever, needs to take a standardised approach for the collection of quality data if they are to adapt quickly and confidently to new legislation and growing consumer demand.”

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