Shoppers threaten to boycott Sainsbury’s over face mask rules


Shoppers have taken to social media to express their anger following Sainsbury’s announcement to not drop face mask policy in its stores in England, despite the end of restrictions.

The news follows Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s announcement confirming that mandatory face masks will no longer be required in retail settings, although people are advised to continue wearing them in ‘enclosed or crowded spaces’.

Earlier this week, the Big 4 grocer said: “Safety remains our highest priority. From Thursday, we’re asking our customers and colleagues in England to continue to wear a face covering in our stores if they are able to.

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“In Scotland and Wales face coverings remain mandatory for those who can wear them in our stores, in line with the latest government restrictions.

“We continue to have a range of safety measures in all of our stores, including screens and sanitising stations.”

As a result of this announcement many shoppers have decided to ‘#BoycottSainsburys”.

One Twitter user said: ” It was never law. It was only ever a mandate. There is a difference. When it ceases to be a mandate, tell
Sainsbury’s or any overzealous staff members where they can stick a mask or #BoycottSainsburys.”

Another added: “Come on Sainsbury’s. What makes you think you’re above the law. I won’t be ordering anything else from you until you remove this stupid mask rule.”

“#BoycottSainsburys once again they are issuing unscientific ‘health’ advice!”, another user said.

Many users have used the hashtag to voice their “concerns”, with most saying they will “shop elsewhere where you are welcome without a mask,”

“If Sainsbury’s think they can tell you what to do while you are spending your hard earned money with them #BoycottSainsburys”, another user tweeted.

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  • If those threatening to stop shopping in Sainsburys do what they say, then it will make that store a safer place to shop. Remember the government has only relaxed the rules to make Johnson look good, and not the general health of the population

    • You are absolutely right. I’ve always asked myself, how decisions of a Clown can’t be taken as anything other than a joke, in this case a dangerous joke. Dangerous for customers (they have a choice where to buy) but more dangerous especially for the staff at Sainsburys (they can’t choose their workplace), for them the facemask is an easy and very effective health (and sometimes life) insurance.

  • I was in Sainsburys today, without a mask, no problem.

  • Mike Lambert.
    I take it you haven’t been out in a public house or restaurant as masks weren’t compulsory there because you stupidly believe Covid only exists in retail outlets. Get back in your bunker you clown.

  • Sainsburys can tell you what to do in their shop. It’s their shop their rules. Don’t like it don’t shop there. Nobody is forcing you to shop with them. All they want to do is keep customers and staff safe as covid is airborne and highly transmissible.

  • What’s wrong with wearing a mask for the short period you’ll be doing your shopping. Some people have to moan about everything, life’s too short!!

  • Wear a mask. If you can. What’s the problem. Social media is just rotten. Why bother with it.


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