26% of consumers willing to try edible insects as protein alternative


Over a quarter of consumers would try edible insects as an alternative protein source, according to new research from the Food Standard Agency (FSA).

The report revealed that environmental and sustainability were the most common reasons for the shift towards alternative protein sources such as edible insects, plant-based proteins and lab-grown meat.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a drastic shift away from meat/dairy products with consumers citing health, environmental and sustainability as the biggest reasons for their dietary change.

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On the other hand, 67% reported that nothing could make them try edible insects, with only 13% of respondents claiming they could be persuaded if it was safe to do so and 11% if it looked appetising.

“Our priority is to protect consumer interests by ensuring food is safe and what it says it is through a robust scientific process,” FSA chief scientific advisor Professor Robin May said.

“We recognise the potential of alternative proteins for improving dietary health and as part of a sustainable food system.

“This important survey highlights that, while many consumers are considering trying alternative proteins, they will quite rightly only do so if they are confident that these products are safe and properly regulated.”

The news comes amid Veganuary, the annual challenge to try veganism for a month in a bid to protect the environment, prevent animal suffering and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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