Food shortages hit Britons more than EU states, poll reveals


Britons are much more likely to have experienced food shortages compared to people in half a dozen EU member states, according to a new YouGov poll. 

According to the poll, UK residents were multiple times more likely to have experience, or know people who have experience, food shortages compared to people in France, Germany, Spain, Italy Sweden and Denmark. 

The research revealed global supply chain disruptions coupled with labour shortages exasperated by the pandemic have impacted international trade networks since the summer. 

The government has argued that the shortages are an international pattern rather than a UK issue, but food sector experts have attributed the disruptions to the loss of east European workers and drivers since Brexit. 

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When asked whether they had personally experience food scarcity in recent weeks, 56% of UK respondents said yes compared to 49% of US respondents. 

Continental Europe’s proportion of people that had been personally affected was between three and nine times lower: 18% in Germany, 16% in France, 12% in Sweden, 8% in Denmark and 6% in Italy. 

This comes as farmers have criticised the government of failing to listen to their warnings, after it was announced the number of seasonal worker visas would not increase next year. 

The news comes as appeals to extend the temporary visa scheme for HGV drivers past 28 February 2022, to ease the burden on industry have also been ignored. 

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